How To Earn Money With Google

How to earn money with Google, but how? In this article, you’ll learn the best ways you can use Google to make money. Even if you find it hard to imagine how to make money with Google, this article will tell you all about it.


Make money with Google

Although Google has thousands of users every day in US alone, who search the Internet for information, but understands only a very small proportion of these users, that you can also use Google as a source of income.


Many people are discovering the opportunity to earn money with the Internet . If you use Google for research on a daily basis, to make money with google wont really be a task that is undauntable , so why not start earning money online with Google?


An excellent idea right!


Let’s see how we can use Google to make money online.


Basically, there are 5 noteworthy ways to earn money with Google:

  • Start your own website or blog
  • Google AdWords advertising platform
  • Google AdSense ads
  • Make money with research work
  • Earn money with SEO services for Google


In the following, let’s take a look at all possibilities in detail and find out what should be considered and what conditions should be met to be successful.


Start your own website or blog

How To Earn Money With Google







The first option would be to start your own website or blog to earn money with Google. Why do you need Google to make money from a website, you ask yourself?


From Google come the visitors!


A lot of web sites on the Internet get almost all their visitors from Google. One can say that a website that is not visible on Google, has little visitors and thus can earn little or no money at all.


If you want to run your own website or blog then you must meet the following requirements to earn money:


  • You can write and read
  • You need a topic that you enjoy working on and trying to create valuable content for your readers
  • Discipline is your second name and you can force yourself to work on a project for a while and keep motivating yourself
  • You are not afraid of selling


You fulfill all requirements? Excellent!


You can start a website or blog on any topic or niche as it is known in the blogging sphere. However, you should ensure that the topic interests you personally, otherwise you will not want to deal with the site long enough to make passive money for you.


If you have a good idea for your website project, get a domain plus web space, for example at and install WordPress on it. With this perfect combination, you can publish first content on the Internet within a few hours.


If the draft horse is very curious, you can focus 100% on writing interesting articles for your target group and publishing them using WordPress .


With the first article, the first visitors will eventually be attracted to come and stay on your website. You will start to grow with your web project and continually learn new things that will move you website or blog forward.


To make sure that you can satisfy Google with your web content, ensure you read the Google Optimization Getting Started Guide . Who as a website operator has not read this valuable and at the same time free information at least once in your life, is your own fault.


I’m serious.


As soon as you have the first regular visitors to the website, you can slowly get into the topic of advertising or monetization. Start with affiliate programs first to earn money with the website.



Make money with Google AdSense

How To Earn Money With Google
How To Earn Money With Google

Google AdSense is a service from Google that allows webmasters to easily market their websites. You log in as a webmaster with your website and can then insert a code snippet into your website after successful activation.


From then on, everything runs automatically!


Google looks at the content of your website and  shows your visitors the appropriate advertising . As soon as a visitor clicks on the ad, you get a few cents for that click, down to a few euros as the case may be.


The advantages depends on the topic your website is dealing with. It can be that you get 0.10 cents per click or even 1 euro . And that per click on the advertisement.

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