Mini importation seems to be the hottest business today. A lot of smart people especially Nigerians are intelligently using to make cool money. So starting a blog or running affiliate marketing isnt the only was to make money online. Many opportunities abound to make wealth online and mini importation is one of such opportunities Interestingly, some people make enough money to take care of all their bills just by training people on mini importation.

This goes to show how lucrative and interested many people are in this business.

In this post, I intend to walk you through everything you need to know and have about starting a successful importation business all in the comfort of your room.

Internet has made virtually every possible and easy today. It’s no more a new thing that you can sit in your room with your smart phone or PC that has internet connection and do whatever your imagination can gather.

Importation business has been in existence for many years now but in recent times, with the advancement of technology, it has taken an entirely new dimension. Today, any body can import goods in smaller quantities overseas (mini importation ). This has resulted in the rapid growth of mini importation business lately.

Out there, there are plenty of books, online master classes, webinars, seminars and all sorts of training on mini importation business going on. This is because of the lucrativenss of this business.

People are paying handsomly to learn the tips and hacks of the business.

But I have a good news for you.

I will be unveiling to you in this guide free of charge all that which you would have otherwise paid to learn

Isn’t that sweet?

Now sit, relax and read on as i begin the unveiling…..Lol


Even though I have said what is means if you paid attention, here is it again in a more elaborate term

Mini importation business is the business which involves buying relatively small quantities of goods from abroad at relatively lower prices and selling it at higher prices to make maximum profit

The small quantity in the above definition is relative as you can import goods as low as 5,000 or as high as a million naira or even higer. The relativity is just to buttress the point that you don’t have to break a bank to get started. It doesn’t mean you always have to import small quantities but then you don’t have to be a millionaire to venture into mini importation


There are just few tools you need to have to get started, most which I believe you already have as at now but for knowledge sake, you are required to have

  • A smart phone or PC
  • An active phone number
  • An email address
  • An office or home address
  • A little capital



This is one of the very first questions to ask yourself immediately after deciding to venture into mini importation business. Reason being that your choice of products is one major determinant of the fate of your business.

A bad choice of products can frustrate your business even before you get started and this may make you put a bad tag on miniimportation business.

So, for this reason, you are expected to do a serious brainstorming in selecting a product to import by way of researching these two major areas

Market availability

Are there people who need the product already?. People who have willingness to pay for the product without battling an eyelid?

Then comes the area of competition, how manyy people are selling these products? Can you beat the competition?. Will you still make profit amidst the competition?

If you are able to look at these two things. You are on a good path to success.

For recommendation sake, try to be a bit unique and always import goods with moderate or low competition with of course available market. Dont always follow the crowd

Basic Niches To Look Into When Selecting Your Products

  • Health products E.g Diebetes tea, Diabetes kits etc
  • Beauty products E.g Facial cleanser, Stretch mark remover etc
  • Security products E.g kids tracker, Security camera etc
  • Fashion products E.g Men’s wear, Women wears, Children wear
  • Phones and Accessories *
  • Children toys

Things To Look Out For When Selecting a Product

Avoid products that are heavy

Avoid products that are fagile

Avoid products that are too costly

Avoid products that occupy too much space

look out for products whose sellers have high rating and positive reviews

look out for products who sellers have spent considerable bumble of years in the business

look out for products that have free shipping

look out for products that are cheap and high in demand


Where to source your goods from is one pertinent question to ask when starting out in mini importation business and one whose answer will go a long way to either mar or make your business

This is one of the toughest and sensitive part of mini importation business as utmost care is required to avoid stories that

The reason why this stage is crucial is not because there are scarcity of websites or companies to buy from but because you need companies that sell cheap in o order to maximize profit and ultimately to avoid being scammed.

Merely typing the keyword about such e-commerce websites will present you with plenty options that you may likely get loss in them. Both good and the bad ones

What then should you do. No worries.
hmmm, don’t worry that is why i am here to assist you

So below is a list of tested e-commerce websites that you can source goods for your mini importation business

Over the years, a lot of B2B and E-commerce websites have sprang up both in China and US where you can place order for your desired products and have them imported to you.

  • Amazon
  • ebay
  • madeinchina

So the people you know seriously involved in mini importation is likely sourcing their products from any of the above e-commerce companies.

Because I promise to walk you through everything that will help you succeed in this business. I want to at this point tell you that of all the e-commerce platforms. is the best. it is second to none. No other one comes close.

You will discover why soon is a Chinese B2B website dedicated to Chinese manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers for the sole aim of buying and selling. They are known for selling goods at ridiculously low prices that even most of the above companies mentioned alongside it source their goods from them and resell back to retailers and wholessalers.

What this means is that you can not get any product cheaper from any other e-commerce websites. To maximize profit, you have got to stick with

But there is problem. Everything in is written in Chinese, so it becomes impossible for non Chinese who doesn’t understand the language to navigate the site.

Ohhhh. I thought it’s already a Eureka

Hey. I am still with you, no worries. I will unveil to you how you can get around that with Just a click or two. Happy now?

Stick me as I reveal everything in the following steps

Step 1: For PC users, Simply install the most updated version of Google Chrome browser which comes with an inbuilt language translator that can be easily used to translate to any of the recognize official language

For Smart phone users, simply install Chrome browser from your preferred application store. That’s all

Step 2: After the the installation. You proceed to the open the website ( through your installed chrome browser and the website will open showing everything scripted in Chinese language.

If you’re accessing the site through a PC, you simply right-click an any free space within the site, a few options will drop down.

Click on “Translate to English” from the drop-down menu and boom. Everything changes to English.

Isn’t that sweet? mistery uncovered

For smart phone users, it’s even simpler. Once you have open the site through your installed chrome browser, then at the bottom of the page in your phone is an option to translate to English, just click on it and boom!. Everything is translated to English

Step 3: As an importer, it is required that you get in touch with one or more shipping agents by way of having account with them. This agents will play an important role in your mini importation business such as paying for your products and even receiving the products from the sellers on your behalf.

A single search to find shipping agents online will present you with plenty options to choose from. One has to take care in chosoing one that has a track record of great services.( this you can find out by reading reviews online)

However for Africans particularly Nigerians who are into mini importation. ChrisVicMall and NBC Skye Logistics Shipping Company are the two most highly recommended.(You can make your own personal research and go with the one that suits you). While NBC is known to be cheaper, ChrisMall is famous for its great and wonderful service .

Simply go ahead and create an account with anyone you have decided to work with free of charge ensuring that you supply all your correct information especially your phone number and address.

Step 4: Searching for the product you have decided to import from can be a sweet easy thing to do. Also interesting is that there is more than one way to do this.

You can simply type the product on the search box in the website and gets the products displayed

You can as well upload the image of the product you want to search for (that you have peharps downloaded from other e-commerce sites or google) and the products with their details will be displayed for you:

Step 5: After the search. Be wise and careful to select the products with the lowest prices amongst other options. Remembe your aim is to maximise profit. So every dime saved is important. Once you are done selecting your product, copy the link and proceed to the agent’s site where you have account and paste. Make your payment through them and wait for your products. Ensure you supply everything about the product such as the description .

If you however wishes to make payment directly to and order your goods (which will of course be slightly cheaper) You have to register with and key in the address of your shipping agents.You can proceed to chat with the seller through provided contact information in the website and even negotiate more on the prices of your chosen products

However, the main advantage of buying through shipping agent is that they carry out a thorough inspection on the goods when they arrive to ensure that they meet the description and quality stated in their site.


After all said and done. This is the stage where the real thing goes. It is the climax of the business. Making sales to make profit, it is the reason why you ventured into mini importation business by the way. So you have got to do it right or the whole essense of the business will be defeated

So the real question goes. How do you sell your goods to make the profit you want?

There are two know ways you can go about it and when you do it well. You will be glad you started mini importation business

Traditional method (offline)
Modern method (Online)

Traditional Method : This is the oldest form of marketing but still powerful and relevant today. In fact, In a developing country like Nigeria, most people still find it more relaxing to buy things offline where they talk and see the seller face to face. This is because of lack of trust and perhaps the level of technological inclination of the people.

So if you are familiar with this method, have experience and find it more comfortable. This may be your best bet. You can decide to rent a store where you display your products for customers to walk in and make their purchases.

This could be highly advantageous if you play your cards right as you will be making more sales than your competitors that are buying from Nigeria wholesalers. This is because you may decide to sell cheaper and still be making more profit

If you have imported relatively high quantities and you have got some budget. you could higher young boys and girls to help you market your product in different communities or cities

You can also supply to retailers from shop to shop by meeting them and discussing business with them

The modern method: This involves selling your goods online or using the internet. This seems to be the reigning route most people involved in mini importation today are taking. Some find it more convenient and lucrative.

This is a perfect way of staying in the comfort of your home and making money . you really do not need to rent a store to display your wares. You simply run everything online.

There are many ways you can go about selling your products online. You just have to test alot of them and see the one that works for you and brings you maximum sale

You may decide to make use of social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram targeted ads or creating and building pages on these platforms to use and promote your products.

You can also decide to create an independent branded online store using WordPress or create accounts in established online stores such as amazon, eBay, etsy etc.

Here, you get to list your products and when people order for your products, they pay and you get the product shipped to them using your choiced shipping method.

With this you will be creating wealth for yoursel through mini importation business


Mini importation business is hot now. Granted, many people are into mini importation but the question is. How many of them are doing it right.

I am convinced this comprehensive guide is able to get you started in the right and proper way

Unlike drop shipping business where you don’t get to keep stock of your products hence limiting the ways you can sell. Here, if you don’t succeed using the traditional selling method, you can switch over to the modern method and vice versa

You have no excuse why you are not making money online now…. so get on board the train and kickstart your mini importation business right away

Your Turn

What are you waiting for. Mini importation is hot now, get on the train before it gets cold. Make more research and see what people are making out of this cool business.

Would you keep this life changing info away from your friends and family? I trust you wouldn’t. Then share to your friends and family

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