How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

By | November 26, 2018

How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria – complete guide


A lot of people say that printing recharge card business is one of the most lucrative business venture to start in Nigeria, but just like every other business, it has its own challenges.


In this post, I will share with you how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria – the complete guide.


No matter where you are in Nigeria, you can start making money in Nigeria by printing and selling recharge cards.  Those recharge vouchers you buy by the road side, in your street etc are printed by people like you. The airtime vouchers don’t fall from heaven.



Well, to start recharge card printing business no b moi-moi (Lol). You only have to put some things in place and know one or two reputable & reliable companies that sell recharge cards pins in Nigeria.



No shaking at all, it is a very profitable business for people who have a very solid customer base with huge capital, but what about the average person with the sum of N10k or 100k, can he or she venture into this type of business and make profit? The answer is a capital YES!


Sit, relax and get yourself acquainted about this lucrative business by reading everything below



Q1: What Are The Advantages Of Starting Recharge Card Business In Nigeria?

Answer: Recharge card business is quite profitable in Nigeria as long as you have a very strong customer base, and also the availability of GSM networks in your vicinity or where you reside.


People must recharge their phones daily to make calls, will explain further the advantages as we proceed.


Q2: Can I Start Recharge Card Business With N10, 000 And Become A Millionaire?


Answer: In other to make money from recharge card business in Nigeria you must have up to N100, 000 – N200, 000 thousand naira, take for example the profit you will make from N100 recharge card is approximately N5 Naira.

What this means is that if you sell N10, 000 worth of cards daily, you will be making N5 x 100 = N500.


But if you start off like let’s say the sum of N150, 000, you can be comfortably making N5k monthly.


Q3: How Do I Start Recharge Card Business In Nigeria, How Does It Work?


Answer: There are basically three levels when it comes to the production of recharge cards in Nigeria will briefly explain them below:



These are recognized big recharge card merchants that buy the cards and pins in large quantity directly from the major mobile operators in Nigeria e.g. Glo,MTN,Etisalat,Airtel Etc this category of people are also known as mega dealers.

This mega dealers/ dealers sell directly to the wholesalers, also note that before you can be a dealer that has access to these network providers you should have at least between 10-15 Million naira.



Recharge card wholesalers buy directly from Recharge Card Mega Dealers at a discount price and they in turn sell to the retailers.


It is estimated that recharge card wholesaler make between N5,000 to N15,000 daily.





Retailers are recharge card dealers that buy from wholesalers at a cheap and reduced price to sell to normal users.


Those people that sell recharge card under umbrellas in the street are recharge card retailers, and they make between N500 – N5000 daily.

If you have the sum of N100k you can start at the wholesale level.

With time coupled with a good customer base you can eventually earn more than N150,000 monthly.


Q4: What Are The Tools Required To Start These Business?


Answer: You do not really need much, just make available these following items:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Printer
  • Capital
  • Papers
  • Software
  • E-mail address
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop: If you don’t have a laptop, you can use a cyber cafe or a business centre in your vicinity.


  • Printer: For convenience, it’s compulsory that you buy your own printer, but if you can’t afford one now, you can as well use a business center near you.


  • Paper: You will need an A3 or A4 paper to print your recharge card pins.


  • Software: You will need a software to de encrypt the encrypted pin sent to you so that you can print it out.
  • Email: You should have a valid email address


You need to decide what role you will perform in this business. You can act as a Mega dealer, wholesaler, or retailer:


Recharge Card Printing Business As A Mega Dealer:

If you choose this role, as explained earlier, you will be dealing with major GSM service providers.

Your will be selling cards to wholesalers.

Here competition is low but as I explained earlier, its capital intensive.


Printing Of Recharge Cards As A Wholesaler:

You will have to buy recharge cards from a mega dealer, and you should be ready to prints and sell cards to retailers.


Printing And Selling Recharge Cards As A Retailer:

All you need to do as a retailer is to buy generated pins, then print it out and sell.


You can print the recharge card through the following means:

  • Online printing option – Print your pins online
  • POS machine printing variant – Print the pins on demand via pos
  • Software: As explained earlier
  • E-PIN manager option


If you are still confused about how to start this recharge card business with N150k or 100k,let me quickly summarize the steps. You can also start this business with a lesser amount.


Quick Steps To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria As A Retailer

  1. Get an internet enabled laptop or uses a cyber café.
  2. Register with a mega dealer, they will send you their software.
  3. Download their software and install it on your computer.
  4. Order for recharge PINs through their website and pay the required amount you want.
  5. They will send you encrypted PINs
  6. These pins can only be read or de-encrypted by the company’s software which was send to you.
  7. Use the software you downloaded and installed in your computer to de-encrypt those pins and print them out to sell.

Nigerians spend over N300 billion on recharge cards and data subscription every year, so starting this business will definitely generate a steady income for you.


If you have any questions about how to start  a recharge card business in nigeria – complete guide , feel free to comment below


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