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Making money answering surveys is simply a matter of INTELLIGENCE, MEMORY, mobile data, a smartphone and availability. I capitalized intelligence and memeory because it is extremely important; we cannot stress that enough. This is an open thread for Nairalanders to share what has really worked for them and what has not. No PMS please, I take God beg una; share everything here. If you don’t understand any terminology, google is your friend. Sending email pms and mobile number at every potential referral boss is probably one of the reasons this section sucks.

So there is actually survey-only sites and GPT sites. GPT sites aren’t just dedicated to just surveys; there are actually other ways to earn money, that’s why they are called Get-Paid-to. Now I have to state here that my knowledge is pretty limited that’s why I’m asking for contributions.

I use VPN for surveys because I can’t think of one site that permits Nigerians for surveys or has the same earning potential as tier one countries. Even if there’s, you’d spend anywhere from 4 – 5 months to earn $10, which sucks. You end up not realizing data bills.

I’m also paranoid because I don’t want a site that end up demanding drivers license when I want to cashout, or they stop sending surveys when you are few dollars short of their threshold.

I have cashed out 2 or 3 times on Yougov and they paid me. So I can vouch for them. I have also attempted surveys on Swagbucks, Mypoints and Mturk and it work pretty well. I have to state here that there’s this site, Prolific, that pays fucking well in a short time and it’s pretty consistent. You can earn $50 in two weeks but I have not been able to get in fully because, like other survey-only sites, the site is heavily firewalled. VPN no go work. Also, crowdtap and Quickthought. I think they are also called Fetchreward.

I was reading another thread and this guy talked about OnePoll, PollPay, Attapoll, etc. I have not tried them out, but let’s hear what has worked for you and what hasn’t. Which survey sites you use, the earning potential, how you make more money on the site and any other thing, really.

Austin Udogwu

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