Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

Sairui Mall…SAIRUI is a recent Online Shopping Mall which features a New Model Called New Retail plus the normal E-Commerce like Jumia, Alibaba, etc. But, this multi-billion dollar Chinese company is, in actual fact, giving 80% profit to partners via the same New Retail model which is never present and has never been seen in the rest of the Online shopping malls in the world.

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce (online business) is only the way toward purchasing and selling products by electronic methods, for example, by portable applications and the Internet. E-commerce alludes to both online retail just as electronic exchanges. The web-based business has massively expanded in prevalence in the course of the most recent decades, and in manners, it’s supplanting customary physical stores.

About Sairui Mall International (The New Retail E-Commerce):

Sairui Mall is an international shopping just like eBay, Alibaba, Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Amazon, Kikou and many more. The company is originated from China since 2008, founded by Mr. Zhang Yuan, who is part of the first 10 entrepreneurs in China. And as such, it was launched in Africa on the 29th of March 2019, precisely in Ghana, with its head office in Accra.

Zhang Yuan

Zhang Yuan (Sairui Mall International CEO)

However, with regard to the company, Sairui Mall gives 80% of its profits to its members. The company uses the new E-Commerce system called the ‘New Retail’ System where members can buy and sell its products online.

Sairui itself was born out of a group of companies. The CEO himself is into Biotech, basically, Sairui is into Quantum Energy which is the future energy of health.

Jack Ma’s New Retail Concept Adopted by Sairuimall

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

This business model was born out of the statement of Jack Ma the owner of Alibaba (the wealthiest man in China), in the year 2016, said that in the next 10 to 20 years, we will see more new retail than the traditional E-Commerce which offers nothing to the customers. This concept states that customers should not be profit providers only, but also earners of profits when they buy things.

Be that as it may, the above information is just a preamble into the business you are about to encounter. Sairui mall business has made a lot of people millionaires in the space of four months of operation in Africa! I’m going to be showing you with proofs. Please stay to the end!

How Sairui Mall Works

The new retail or e-commerce platform; you trade any item on the platform (that’s buying and selling), where the company gives you a 60% discount to purchase any product. You can buy the same product at the wholesale store with a price lesser than the new retail shop.

After buying at the wholesale shop, the company gives you two options; either they sell for you or ship to you in your country or wherever you are.

Example: Mr. X wants to buy a phone from Sairui mall, which will cost him $100 at the retail shop. The company then gives him a 60% discount which is two quotes or two cards to buy two of those items at the wholesale shop, which will now cost him $40 each instead of $100 each.

Furthermore, Sairui Major in these areas:

  • Traditional E-Commerce: Online markets like Jumia, Alibaba, Amazon, Ali Express, Kikou, etc.
  • Social E-Commerce: The interaction on social media platforms to promote your business
  • New Retail (New Model): The combination of both traditional and social e-commerce.

However, with the Traditional E-Commerce and Social E-Commerce, You don’t share any profit or certain benefits with the company. But, with the New Retail model of Sairui mall, you bath in 80% of Sairui mall 100% profit made in the New retail Outline and Consumptions.

Sairui gives you free access to areas of income to be able to share profit to which normal consumers don’t have the special access. And this unique access or privilege is what we term the New retail which is a combination of Retail and Wholesale of one particular product in your favor when you become a VIP, (will explain the VIP soon).

Sairui Mall Products

Like I explained above, Sairui deals with Quantum Energy products to better individual health in the global sense. See the images below to gain more understanding.

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

Below are a few products they deal on:

  • Quantum fuel saver card
  • Quantum energy heart and neck instrument (pendant).
  • Quantum energy glasses.
  • Quantum beauty sprayer
  • Quantum mobile phone sticker
  • Quantum energy Foot Massager…and more!

Now, we are going to look at the real deal; the main reason for this article. Let’s talk about the business structure of Sairui mall. What is in for you? For you to make money in Sairui mall is our concern for this post.

Before we go in-depth, understand that Sairui mall is all about making money and becoming financially free. And this will involve spending money to invest and make money in return as income.

Sairui Mall Packages:

There are, at present, five good packages in Sairui known as VIPs. That is to say that everyone doing business with them is called a VIP. Thus;

  • VIP1
  • VIP2
  • VIP3
  • VIP4
  • VIP5

Each VIP carries a price tag according to their levels of registration and activation. Also, with products, Thus;

  • VIP1=$25 (Anti-radiation phone sticker)
  • VIP2=$50 (Quantum beauty spray)
  • VIP3=$100 (Receive quantum energy eyeglasses)
  • VIP4=$300 (Receive quantum energy pendant)
  • VIP5=$600 (Receive quantum energy Foot Massager)

In this new retail company, the above-mentioned prices are just for registration and activation of any package you choose. This is more like renting a store in a real-life scenario to sell goods. Now, when you pay money for shop renting when you are about starting a business, you will need capital to stock your shop with goods to begin a trade. That is how it’s done on Sairui mall. So, for you to begin trading with Sairui, you need to fund your back office with a certain amount of money per the VIP level you choose. The amount you are expected to fund per VIP is as follows:

  • VIP1=No longer trading
  • VIP2=$90
  • VIP3=$180
  • VIP4=$540
  • VIP5=$1080

Note: You will be given products worth the amount you fund for any of the VIPs!

In a nutshell, you will have;

  • VIP1=(activation amount) $25 + (no longer trading)
  • VIP2=(activation amount) $50 + (trading capital) $90 Total= $140
  • VIP3=(activation amount) $100 + (trading capital) $180 Total= $280
  • VIP4=(activation amount) $300 + (trading capital) $540 Total= $840
  • VIP5=(activation amount) $600 + (trading capital) $1080 Total= $1680

Please, in order for you to get the exact figure of how much you will need to invest in total, calculate the dollar value in your own local currency to avoid confusion. Also, know that this is a onetime payment to make re-occurring profits till infinity.

Note: Registration money is non-refundable, but trading money is refundable, you can withdraw it anytime you want.

Also, note that each and every product purchased has a life span of 200 years. That is to say, you are guaranteed a lifetime business opportunity.

Disclaimer: To clear the air, please, this is not a network marketing company, neither is it a Ponzi scheme. It’s not even a get-rich-quick-scheme or a business where you are given products to hawk around the street for little money. NO!

*Any package you activate gives you unlimited access to starting a business with Sairui!

How To Make Money/Profits in Sairui Mall E-Commerce Business

There are 6 awesome ways to make profits in Sairui, they are:

  • Store Profit
  • Direct Sharing Profit
  • Chain Store Profit
  • Service Profit
  • Chain Service Profit
  • Traditional E-Commerce Profit

Having listed 6 powerful ways you can earn, we will go through each and every one of them in a detailed form so that you can have a full understanding of the business.

1. Store Profit (Unlimited Earnings): The store profit is the unlimited profit an existing partner of the company receives or enjoys when he begins trading on the e-commerce platform.

How It Works

How do you trade?

I’ll explain using Store profit. When you buy a product with your trading capital (let’s use VIP4 for example), you will buy any product in that category worth $300 at the New Retail zone. Note, this is Store Profit I’m explaining.

Now, Sairui will give you 2 quotas to buy the same product at $120 each at the Wholesale Area.

Do the simple math:

> $540 minus $300=$240

> $120 times 2=$240The first product you bought at $300 will be shipped to your location.For the other two you purchased, Sairui will give you two options; “do you want us to sell for you or ship to you?” You’ll tell them to sell for you.Remember you bought at $120 each, but Sairui will sell for you at $300 each, making it $600! So, $600 will be credited to your back-office.Now, you spent $540 on your trade and gained $600>$600-$540=$60You will pay a tax of $18 to your own country.So, you will still have $42 as your total profit for that one trade and with your capital of $540The selling period is 7-10 days maximum!That’s for Store profit. No referring and selling products on the street. Pure legit, clean and stress-free business you have never seen before!

2. Direct Sharing Profit (Referral Bonus): Sairui says since you have decided to share this opportunity with others, you will be earning 20% of their registration fee each time a new person joins your network. Direct bonuses are instant and automated income received for referring or recruiting a new partner in Sairui mall international e-commerce business. The company pays you 20% on the registration fee of any new recruit you bring onboard.

Example: If Mr. A decides to recruit Mr. B. And Mr. B comes in with VIP4 which is a $300 registration fee. Mr. A will be paid $60 instantly for bringing in Mr. B. This is the best online business in the 21st century! Second to none!

See Summary of Direct Sharing Profit Per VIP:

  • VIP1 $25, your share is $5
  • VIP2 $50, your share is $10
  • VIP3 $100, your share is $20
  • VIP4 $300, your share is $60
  • VIP5 $600, your share is $120

3. Chain Store Profit: This profit is one that Sairuimall partners receive when they build their network. Those who directly recommend people to successfully participate in the new retail business will earn 3% of the First Generation’s (direct referrals) purchase from New Retail Store Area in every round of trade. So, this implies that each time they buy and sell, you enjoy 3% of their trades every time.

Moreso, if you directly recommend five customers or above, apart from the 3% reward of your First Generation in New Retail Area, you will also get another 2% of the Second Generation’s purchase.

Also, very importantly, when you share Sairui business with five customers or above, besides the 3%+2% mentioned upfront, once the sales volume (calculated from each 1st of every month) at New Retail Area of the biggest customer’s team reaches $200,000, from this time on, the server will be activated to accumulate your other First Generation’s team’s turnover of New Retail Area purchase till the end of the month, excluding the biggest and the smallest customers’ team, and you will be rewarded 3% of this turnover at the end of the month.

4. Service Profit (Binary Bonus): Service profits are profits or bonuses you earn on weaker or small legs. For instance, Mr. Ben is able to build his network (binary) (left and right legs). Mr. Ben’s points accumulated on his left leg is $1000 and his right is $1,500. The company will choose the left leg as his payout because that is his weaker or small leg.

See Calculations below;

Daily increment of shares

Service Profit (SP) = Small Zone’s turnover (small leg)/day times 12%

If it’s $1000,

SP=$1000 times 12%

=$120/day (profit)

Furthermore, if 5 teams in your network accumulate;

  • Team A=$200,000
  • Team B=$100,000
  • Team C=$5,000
  • Team D=$150,000
  • Team E=$8,000

Monthly sales volume of the Biggest Team=$200,000. Monthly profit=Total turnover (exclude biggest and smallest team volume) times 3% monthly calculation.

=($100,000+$150,000+$8,000) x 3%

=($258,000) x 3%


In a nutshell, just know in service profit you earn 12% of the total points accumulated on your weaker leg daily. So, if your small leg accumulates 10,000 points (which is $10,000), Sairui will pay you a whopping sum of $1,200 every day, just on service profit (binary bonus) alone! No E-commerce does this! Not for once! Remember, it’s calculated and paid on a daily basis.

5. Chain Service Profit:


  • G=Generation
  • CSP=Chain Service Profits


  • Chain Service Profit= First Generation’s Service Profit x 50% + Second Generation Generation’s Service Profit x 20%.
  • When CSP greater than or equals to 5 times of your VIP level. Chain Service Profit= First Generation’s Service Profit x 75% + Second Generation’s Service Profit x 20%.
  • When CSP is greater than or equals to 10 times of your VIP level. Chain Service Profit= First Generation’s Service Profit x 100% + Second Generation’s Service Profit x 20%.

6. Traditional E-Commerce Profit: Partners in Sairui has the right to recommend or refer qualified manufacturers and commodities to Sairuimall Traditional EC Area. If the commodities are purchased by consumers, what you will get is as follows:

  1. If Commodity A’s monthly turnover =A=$100,000
  2. Commodity B’s monthly turnover =B=$200,000
  3. Commodity C’s monthly turnover =C=$300,000

THEN, Traditional E-Commerce profit= (A+B+C) x 1%

=Total $600,000 x 1% = $6,000/monthly.

Understand this! This is a very powerful profit-earning aspect, where you make contact with local manufacturers of, for instance, shoes, bags, jewelry, phones, etc. You connect them to display and sell their products to final consumers or online shoppers on Sairui mall Traditional E-Commerce Area. You earn 1% of their total turnover at the end of the month, on a monthly basis.

Sairui Business Profit Summary: A Home-Based Network System Where It Does The Work For You:

Take-Home Trading Profits


VIP1 (No trading)

VIP2 = $7 (N2,660) cash, plus products worth $50 (N19,000)

VIP3 = $14 (N5,320) cash, plus products worth $100 (N38,000)

VIP4 = $42 (N15,920) cash, plus products worth $300 (N114,000)

VIP5 = $84 (31,920) cash plus products worth $600 (228,000)


VIP1 (No trading)

VIP2 = $21 (N7,900) cash, plus products worth $150 (N57,000)

VIP3 = $42 (N15,960) cash, plus products worth $300 (N114,000)

VIP4 = $126 (N47,880) cash, plus products worth $900 (N342,000)

VIP5 = $256 (95,760) cash plus products worth $1800 (684,000)

NB: This is just one aspect of the benefits of Sairui called Store Profit.

How To Become A Member

It’s very simple and easy! Just identify yourself with any of the packages mentioned above. Register, activate, and start trading immediately!

However, any of these VIP packages make you a business owner in Sairui mall. Wait a minute! Before you say the startup fees are too high, of course, good and genuine businesses that stand a test of time are not cheap at all!

Apart from the registration fee, trading capital is the money you fund in your back office immediately after registration and it is your personal fund. Company has no right over it. it is your business capital. In other words, you possess the right and power to withdraw it anytime you want.

However, once you withdraw your capital, you will stop making profits from Sairui mall’s buying and selling. Remember, shop and get paid huge products worth your registration money anytime you shop.

The last part of this article will show you the step-by-step process of becoming fully active in Sairuimall e-commerce business. Please follow the guidelines below intently, and adhere to the directions accordingly!

How To Register


Kindly contact us on WhatsApp +2348084552197 for effective placement. That’s because registration links are generated. STRICTLY ON REGISTRATION AND PLACEMENT PLEASE!

You will see a screen like this shown below

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  1. Please enter your Username
  2. Where you see VIP1, click, from the dropdown box you choose the VIP package of your choice
  3. Choose your country
  4. Enter your full detailed address with the sense that your products can be shipped to you by the company
  5. Enter your full name
  6. Choose your login password
  7. Confirm login password
  8. Set payment password ( it can be 4 digits)
  9. Confirm payment password
  10. Click on the small box at the down left corner to agree with the terms and services of Sairui mall
  11. Click Register!


Login to your account by entering your USERNAME and PASSWORD. See image below

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Please, if you register without funding and activating your account in 48 hours after registration, Sairui will remove or delete your account. That is to say, you are to re-register. Because Sairui mall takes its business very seriously! Dormant, inactive or unactivated account. Take note, please! You are in for real business!


Activating your Account: After registration, you will be required to fund your account in order to activate your VIP package.

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

Click on red-circled area “Recharge,” then proceed to the next command. On the mobile phone it’s “Recharge Application.”

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

Click on “Recharge” encircled at the top right corner of the screen and proceed to make payment.


Funding Your Back Office to Start Trade on Sairui Mall

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  1. Select the name of the bank you would like to make the registration payment to. (Select ‘BTC’ as shown in the screenshot above; Bitcoin is Recommended).
  2. Copy the company’s bitcoin address for payment.
  3. Enter consumption quantity you will need for activation and capital for trading, (you can deposit the total amount). Take note; the registration packages are not the same!
  4. Select BTC to see the exchange rate or the exact amount you need to pay for activation.
  5. Skip amount payable.
  6. Enter the last 6 digits of the BTC address you are using for payment. (Your own BTC wallet address, not the company’s own you copied).
  7. Select Sairui Points for Recharge Type (change Consumption Points in the dropdown box to Sairui Points and deposit the total amount you will need for both activation and trading capital).
  8. Upload a screenshot of payment as proof of payment.
  9. Click on Recharge.


Activating Your Account:

There are two processes involved in your VIP account becoming live for real business on Sairui Mall;

i. Converting your Sairui Points to Consumption Points

ii. Buying the VIP package you choose

NOTE: This procedure can be done in just 5 minutes! The Consumption Points are the points you will use in activating your account, I will be showing you how to. Please pay attention to this! You are only converting the amount you will use for activation alone. The remaining Sairui Points are for the actual trade (your trading capital).

Example: Your registration/activation amount for VIP4 is $300, while its trading capital is $540. The total amount you will deposit is $840. So, you will only convert $300 to Consumption Points, and $540 will remain for trading.

Take Note: Dollars are Points in Sairui. That is to say, The $840 is 840 Points, (Sairui Points=840). So, one Sairui Point is equivalent to $1.

1. Converting Sairui Points to Consumption Points: After recharging your account, the company will load your wallet with Sairui Points and you have to convert the required amount for registration to Consumption Points.

To convert, login to your account and locate INTERCHANGE.

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • Go to INTERCHANGE and proceed to the next step.
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • Then click on CONVERT
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • On Conversion Type, allow the ‘SAIRUI POINTS TO CONSUMPTION POINTS’
  • Enter the required amount needed for activation at where you see ‘PLEASE ENTER QUANTITY’
  • Click on TRANSFER

When the above procedures are followed accordingly, you will now move to the activation proper.

How To Activate Your VIP Account

Click on HOME PAGE and proceed to the next action.

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • Click on BECOME VIP
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • Select your VIP from the 4 VIPs you see in the image above; am picking VIP4 for illustration.
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

After clicking on any VIP you choose, it will bring you here. In this am using VIP4 as an example.

  • Select on ‘PICTURE’
  • Select on ‘ONE BOX AND TWO BOXES
  • Click on ‘PURCHASE’
  • Enter your payment password
  • Then click submit

Since you are now done with the activation, you will proceed to the actual trading (buying and selling in Sairuimall.

How To Trade (Buying and Selling):

Note: You need amount for trading per the VIP packages. We will still use VIP4 as an example.

You need $300 for registration and activation, then $540 for trade. So we need $540 Sairui Points for trading.

  • Go to HOMEPAGE
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • Click on NEW RETAIL
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • Buy an item worth $300 and Select one quantity

Remember, this is an example using VIP4. In other VIPs, you still follow the same direction. You select quantities based on your VIP package.

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • Select COLOUR and LABEL/SIZE (i.e Picture and One you see in the image above).
  • When you see the next page, Enter your Delivery Address.
  • Enter your payment password.
  • Click Submit

After that, go to the HOMEPAGE again

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
  • Buy an item worth $120
  • Select two quantities (see image below)
  • Select COLOUR and label/size
  • Enter your Delivery Address
  • Enter your payment password
  • Then Submit
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

Finally, go to MY HOMEPAGE

  • Click on TO SELL

In case you are wondering why there is no link to click and register, links are generated on a binary system (that is right and left leg placement), this is why you should contact us via this number; +2348084552197 (WhatsApp Only), for quick registration and placement.  So, the above information is just to guide you. We also have a powerful group where top earners’ earning/withdrawal proofs are uploaded everyday. You will be added immediately your account is registered and activated with our team. You don’t want to miss this!

When you contact us via our WhatsApp handle, please only ask questions concerning the areas you don’t understand. Because everything you need to know has been explained in full detail, and we respond to over 100 prospects daily!. You should be looking forward to investing and making money already!

Having done this great justice and charity to deliver this article for your consumption, the ball is now in your court to decide if you will allow this awesome opportunity to pass you by, or gab it immediately!


Register first, fund and activate your account, begin with trading (buy and sell), then make your profits! When you are convinced about the business, you can build your network and increase your earning level massively!

Proof Gallery:

Below are screenshots of proofs of various tradings carried out by our partners in Sairui E-Commerce Business.

Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home
Sairui Mall: What It Is All About And How To Make $120 Daily From Home

Saurui mall company, isnchanging lives across Africa and the world at large! People make as much as $250 per day just staying home! What are you waiting for?!!! yea you may be lockdown because of COVID 19, i am glad to let you know that you can still make much more than you can ever imagine

The most interesting thing about Sairui mall e-commerce business is that you can work comfortably from your home with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, without necessarily stressing yourself about who to join the business opportunity or not, neither hawking products on the street. This is the 21st-century business! We don’t believe in working with muscles, but with your mind (smart work!)

Registering Bitcoin Wallet, Funding, Sending, and Using BTC Wallet for Newbies

This part is a bonus for those who are new to the system of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. From the above article, you will notice that bitcoin is the recommended currency you will use to fund your Sairui back office. There are several other methods to fund your Sairui account, but those ones are a little bit complicated to utilize, that is why we opt for BTC.

One Major Reason Why We Choose BTC

  • For fast deposit

Be that as it may, we won’t be wasting your time, so the BTC Wallet we will recommend is Called LUNO WALLET.

Luno is a South African cryptocurrency company that invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum. They act as a crypto-payment gateway, where online businesses who wish to send or transfer digital currency like bitcoin, would do that with ease and convenience.

How To Register An Account With LUNO


  • Click on sign up or Get Started
  • Fill in your email
  • Your password
  • Choose your country
  • Verify you are human
  • Then click Sign Up
  • Go to your mail inbox, whether Gmail or yahoo mail and confirm your Luno account.
  • Click Continue

After you click Continue, you will be taken to where you will;

  • Insert your phone number and click Continue.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to you, enter the code and click confirm.
  • After that, you will see ‘Set Up Profile.’ Complete every information you are required. The most important thing is to use the Luno Wallet and credit your Sairui mall business back office for trading. This is because we are making sure you don’t get stranded trying to make a head-way in Sairui e-commerce business.

When you ‘Set Up Profile,’ it will show a preview to confirm if your details are correct, if they are, you click Next and then Confirm.

  • Click Wallets

Note: Luno has made it easy for various countries of the world to deposit with their local currencies directly from their local bank accounts. So, when you click on Wallets, you will BTC wallet and your local currency wallet.

  • Click on your local currency wallet
  • Click on Deposit, you will be taken to a payment gateway
  • Choose either bank transfer with Paystack or Debit or Credit card with PayU
  • Fill in the amount you would like to deposit. Please be very careful with this! If you want to deposit the total amount based on the VIP package you choose, you have to add extra money for Luno and the payment gateway charges. So that your required investment amount in Sairui will not be tampered with. For example, I will use VIP1, which is $100 in total. If you are depositing $100, you will have to add at least an extra $10 for charges =$110, the same with other VIP packages, but not with the same $10, because the higher your deposit, the higher your charges. Please Note! These charges are not from Sairui mall, but the bitcoin wallet and the payment gateway you will use to fund your Sairui back office for trading.
  • Then click Continue to either Paystack or PayU
  • Fill in your debit or credit card details (don’t worry, it’s highly secured! I’ve used the wallet for years!)
  • Click on Pay (any amount you filled)
  • You will be required to choose a confirmation method just to prove if you are the one carrying out the transaction. You will either select your email address or phone number.
  • OTP (one-time-password) sent to either of the approval methods you selected.
  • Insert the code you received and confirm your transaction. Your bank account will be debited and your Luno wallet will be credited.

How To Buy Bitcoin

  • After funding your Luno wallet, still in your wallet, click on Buy.
  • Choose Bitcoin from the options given to you
  • You will be asked, ‘How would you like to pay?’ Click on the local currency wallet that you funded.
  • Select the total amount you funded
  • Click continue. Bam! you have just purchased your Bitcoin!

How To Send The Bitcoin To Sairui Mall for Activation and Trading

Note: This is not just about funding Sairui business alone, you can also use this wallet for any other online business that supports cryptocurrency (like BTC and Ethereum) investment, sending and receiving.

  • Copy the Sairui mall BTC address (see Step4: Funding Your Back Office to Start Trade on Sairui Mall; the image).
  • Go to Wallets
  • Click on Send
  • You will be asked to choose crypto, Choose Bitcoin.
  • Insert the Sairui BTC address you copied in where you see, ‘Send to
  • Enter the amount (select available BTC to enter the total amount in your wallet.
  • Click Next
  • Luno will ask you to confirm via a text-link sent to your phone
  • Confirm, Bam! Your transaction is confirmed!
  • Wait till it shows ‘Complete’
  • Screenshot and upload it as a proof of payment as shown in Step4 image.

Congratulations! We believe this article was detailed enough and easy to follow. If you have any observations or questions, please make use of the comment box. We will gladly respond!

Remember to chat us up on WhatsApp (+2348084552197) if you have any challenge in any of the procedures illustrated above.

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