Samsung Max App Lets You Take Control of Data Usage, Privacy and More

Samsung Electronics has introduced Samsung Max, a new and free Android application designed to promote mobile data savings and application privacy management, with data usage monitoring and enhanced Wi-Fi security.

Samsung Max is replacing the discontinued Opera Max – one of the largest mobile virtual private networks (VPNs) in the world – and now, its two key features are accessible to millions of more Samsung users.

With data saving modes or privacy modes activated, all your network traffic from your apps is compressed and encrypted by Samsung Max’s servers before it reaches your Android device.

The app works by scanning users’ phones and identifying which apps are using the most data. It’s also able to actively compress images, videos, music files, and webpages in apps and browsers to save on data quotas. There are also options to manage data permissions for specific apps and to block auto background data usage.

If you’re often using public Wi-Fi, the app’s privacy features include a useful tool that encrypts open, untrusted, and unknown hotspots with just one tap. There is also tracker blocking and a Domain Name System (DNS) masking service.

To support the most advanced and FREE data savings service, and the powerful Secure Wi-Fi and Privacy protection service, Samsung Max shows ads to keep the services free. There is an option to control your ad experience. You can choose to view ads inside the app or enable Samsung Max App premium mode, which grants you access to powerful app management features and unlimited usage of savings and privacy services.

Samsung Max will come pre-loaded on all Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones in India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Users will be able to download Samsung Max on other Samsung devices via Google Play or Galaxy Apps stores.

Samsung Max is only supposed to be available to Samsung devices, but if you want to install the app on a non-samsung device for whatever reason, you can download the Samsung Max APK over at APK Mirror. It’s still listed under Opera Max for now since the package name hasn’t changed, but you can tell Samsung Max apart from older Opera Max builds by the blue icon.

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